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Christmas 1991

I’m 7.

My parents just offered me a used Tascam 4 tracks K7 so they could get their hifi back.

I plug my Yamaha PSR6 (I still use) and my gameboy in.

That’s it! I’m hooked!

I’m remixing Gameboy’s soundtracks, pop music hacked on the radio, ping-ponging tracks, I trade my k7 for marbles or toys at school. At this moment I have NO IDEA this could be a job neither I’ll be making a living from this later.

February 2010

I’m 25.

I’m opening Mikrokosm, a world class 250m2 recording facility in Lyon.

Before that I’ve graduated SAE in Paris in 2005, moved to Montreal where I started assisting and engineering in several studios and radio stations.
Then, back in the Myspace era I started to chat with my favorite producer, Valgeir Sigurdsson, and I eventually got hired as his assistant and engineer in his famous Greenhouse studios in Reykjavik Iceland.

I’ve found my mentor.

I was working with my favorite artists and bands on major records.

This experience deeply resonated with my greatest expectations at all levels; personal, musical, creative and human.

I’ve harvested (this is a greenhouse) there a singular and highly creative approach of making a record, abolishing the standard separations the industry tends to build between each role and each production step. I’ve learned that technical knowledge and equipment is nothing but a tool like a screwdriver is to a plumber (weird to say considering how much I love and collect gear… anyway everyone has to deal with its own neurosis right!?).

This means there’s no limit in how you can impart someone’s project, how many roles you can play as long as you have a vision and know how to carry it along with the artist.

June 2020

I’m 36.

Mikrokosm is now a company representing 3 studio facilities, several producers, engineers and is always expanding. I love to run and be part of this whole hub of great people working altogether pursuing the idea of making the best music possible.

As a full blown musicien, engineer, mixer and mastering engineer I love the idea of a fluid unique movement in the making of a record offering my services from composing until the delivery of mastered files.

Still I’ll be happy to be hired for any producing, mixing or mastering traditional task.

I work mostly from my own private room surrounded by my beloved collection of vintage and modern instruments, tape machines, consoles and all sorts of exotic toys. 

I do have all the classics for a full analog tapish/lofish approach.

I do have all the new high end digital stuff.

I do mix them a lot for hybrid sessions to benefit from the best of both.

Every project requires its own singular path and color. 

My point is to find the more appropriate chain and process to enhance your music.

Have a great day and get in touch if you want to discuss anything.

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