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Stereo Mixes starts @ 400€/track.

I use a flat fee per stereo track mastered.
Masters will be delivered in both 16 and 24 bits including a streaming (-14 dB LUFS)  version optimized for  the platforms.
Alternative versions of a track  might be the exact same mix.
Mix revisions require a new mastering that will be charged.

Stems mastering allows post-mix fine tuning of volume, balance and dynamics between groups of instruments.
Please group individual by genre (All drums, All Basses, All Guitars, All Keyboards, All Lead Vocals, All Backing Vocals) tracks in 8  stereo files maximum including their own effects.

All prices including 1 revision, excluding 20% VAT

Get in touch for more infos

Stereo Master
Digital/CD master Wave files = 70 €/track
Optional files (HD96, iTunes AAC, Mp3…) = 15€ /each/track
Alternative versions (instrumentals, edits…) = 15€/each/track
DDP file = 50€
EP Bundle
& LP Bundle can be arranged

Stems Master
Digital Stems mastering up to 8 stereo tracks = 100 €/track
Analog Stems mastering up to 8 stereo tracks = 120 €/track

Modified mixes using the same settings = 25 €/track
Mix revision requiring a new mastering = 50 €/track

Stereo Mix
Starts at 400 €/track
Price can vary a lot depending on the genre, material, size of multitrack


Analog Console
Chilton QM3 16/8/16/2
1970 BBC custom desk
Tascam 388 8 channels
Altec 1567 a Tube mixer

Studer A80 1/4’ butterfly
Ferrograph 1/4’’
Tascam 388 1/4’ 8 tracks
Tascam Porta 07 4 tracks k7

Merging Hapi MKII
Merging Anubis
Apollo X16
UAD2 Quad

Premium TPR Cabling
TC electronic Clarity M
mini DSP SHD
GIK acoustics
Technics SL1500C = AT540ML


Dual sub Neumann KH750
NS10m driven by Urei 6260 

Avantone mono
Custom console Dutch Audio  
Merging Anubis
Audèze LDC 2
Hearback monitor x 5

DSP Quattro
Pro Tools, Logic, Pyramix
UAD ultimate
Waves Bundle
Fabfilter Bundle
Soundtoys Full,
Oeksound Soothe 2
Arturia Full
Native Komplete Full
Many VST and libraries

Analog Processors
Elysia Alpha Comp
Elysia MusEQ
Dangerous Bax EQ
Neve 1073 pair
Sontec Mastering EQ Custom
Terry Audio CEQ mastering
Therm.The Rooster  tube pre/eq
Vacuvox U23M custom
Chandler TG1 comp/lim
DBX 160 vu comp
Ampex 610 Tube pre x 2
Altec 1567 A Tube pre/mixer

OTO BAM reverb
Strymon Volant tape Delay
Roland RE 150 tape echo
Roland RE 501 Chorus echo
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb
Electro Harmonix Memory Man

AKG D112
Altec 165A Lipstick Tube
B&O BM3 Mod ribbon
Beyer M160n
Coles 4038 pair
Custom T12s x 2
DPA 2006 omni pair
Electrovoice RE20
Electrovoice 635a pair
Flea U47 Tube
Heil PR30
Heil PR40
Josephson e22s pair
Neuman KM84 vintage
Reslo The Beeb ribbon
Sennheiser MD441 x 2
Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser MD422
Soyuz SU17 Bomblet Pair
Souyz SU013
Shure SM7b
Shure 545 vintage x 2
Shure 565 vintage x 2
Shure SM57 x 4
Shure SM 58 x 2
Yamaha Sub Kick

Pleyel Baby Grand
Rhodes 73 MKI
Wulitzer 200A
Mellotron M4000 + cards
Philicorda 751
Roland Juno 106
Moog Matriarch
Oberheim OB6
Arp Odyssey
Korg MS10
Korg Trident MKI
Korg PE1000
Sequential SixTrak
Yamaha PSR6
Native Komplete Kontrol
Fender P bass
Fender Mustang Bass
Squier Bass VI
Greco Viola Bass
Tanglewood Folk
Premier 1968  full kit  22/12/14/16
+ matching snare 14 x 5’
Premier 1963 oyster 20 kick
+ matching snare 14 x 4
Ludwig Acrolite Limited  14 x 6’5
Various percussions
Fender Bassman 100 + 2x12 1969
Vox AC15 cc2x Blue Alnico
Magnatone 107 Starlet 1971
Silvertone 1482 15w 1966

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Videos+Pictures  © Anne-Laure Etienne


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