Mastering Services

Since 2010 hundreds of records have passed thru our golden ears and stellar setup.

Digital, CD, HD, Streaming, Vinyl pre-mastering, we deliver certified masters  paying careful attention to either emotional and technical aspects.

We have carefully selected the best analog and digital equipment available to enhance your music.

We offer stems mastering if you feel some twists or a classic 70s British analog summing could push further your production.

Besides we love attended session, for convenience Online mastering is the most common option.


Analog Processors

Elysia Alpha Comp
Elysia MusEQ
Dangerous Bax EQ
Hendyamps Michelangelo
Neve 2254 pair
Neve 1073 pair
Thermionic Culture The Rooster Chandler TG channel

Analog Summing

Chilton QM3 16/8/16/2
1970 BBC custom desk



Dual sub Neumann KH750
NS10m driven by Urei 6260 

Avantone mono
Custom console Dutch Audio  
Merging Anubis


Merging Hapi MKII
Merging Anubis
Burl B2 ADC
Apollo X16


DSP Quattro
Pro Tools, Logic
UAD ultimate
Waves Bundel
Fabfilter Bundes
Soundtoys Full,
Oeksound Soothe 2


Studer A80 1/4’ butterfly
Ferrograph 1/4’’
Tascam 388 1/4’’


Premium TPR Cabling
TC electronic Clarity M
mini DSP dirack
GIK acoustics


We use a flat fee per stereo track mastered.
Masters will be delivered in both 16 and 24 bits including a streaming (-14 dB LUFS)  version optimized for  the platforms.
Alternative versions of a track  might be the exact same mix.
Mix revisions require a new mastering that will be charged.

Stems mastering allows post-mix fine tuning of volume, balance and dynamics between groups of instruments.
Please group individual by genre (All drums, All Basses, All Guitars, All Keyboards, All Lead Vocals, All Backing Vocals) tracks in 8  stereo files maximum including their own effects.

All prices excluding 20% VAT

Now you think you’re ready?

Stereo Master

Digital/CD master Wave files = 60 €/track
Optional formats (HD96kHz, iTunes AAC, Mp3…) = 15€ /each/track
Alternative versions (instrumentals, edits…) = 15€/each/track
DDP file = 50€
EP Bundle 5 tracks including DDP, HD96, Mp3s = 450€
LP Bundle 10 tracks including DDP, HD96, Mp3s = 790€

Stems Master

Digital Stems mastering = 100 €/track
Analog Stems mastering = 120 €/track

Up to 8 stereo Tracks


Modified mixes = 25 €/track
Mix revision requiring a new mastering = 50 €/track

Get ready!

File Format

> Deliver 24 or 32 bits Wave or Aiff files

> 16 bits files are workable but not optimized
> Prefer 96kHZ or hight
>Lower SRC as 48 or 44.1 kHz are workable still
> No MP3s or other compressed format!!!


> Ideally 18 dB True Peak dynamic is the best
> Don’t use or remove limiters from Mix bus
> Keep 3 to 5 dbs under 0 dBFS to avoid any digital clipping!!!

> Once datas are ready:
    1/ Download and fill the the xls form (yellow link) including:
        > Exact Infos, Names, Credits, ISRC, Infos, © …

        > Add a list of references (spotify playlists are fine)
    2/ ZIP it all in one folder and drop it following the red link


> Check your start and end markers
> Check that all the sound tails are printed (reverbs, fxs…)
> Prefer real time bouncing to quality control what’s printing!
> Please quality control ALL your files before sending them!

File management

> Name clearly and shortly your files
> If you already have a sequence please put numbers before
> A good exemple: ’01 - Wet Dreams mix3 11-09-21’


Feel free to ask any questions by writing to us filling the form below or call us.

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